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Sunday, 11 August 2013

With the folks

Woke up at 6 in the morning for a short run at the park nearby. I swear it was damn tiring, the last time I exercise was like 3 years ago when I am still in secondary school with weekly physical education. Even though I wasn't really a sporty person to begin with, but exercise after 3 years was kind of refreshing. Hopefully I will be able to keep this habit for another few more months. /persevere

Went out with the folks for lunch at Parkway Parade and decided to go to Changi Village to have dinner! The last time I went there was so many years back. I know I'm slow but I just realise Chock full of beans is located there. I shall visit them for brunch soon since I have direct bus from my neighbourhood, i love breakfast/brunch the most. Eggs with toast, sausages and ham, my favourites!

The Conjuring

Spent my National day with Zanna. Coincidentally wore red top, black pants and matching maroon shoes because it was National Day, we really never planned what to wear but it happened to be so. Our initial plan was to go to Marina Square to catch the fireworks and also to watch "The Conjuring". But because we met in the late afternoon, we have to forgo one of our plans. So we decided to just stay in the East to catch "The Conjuring" and not travel down to town to watch the fireworks because the weather is so unpredictable nowadays and we didn't want to waste our trip down to find out that it was raining, but eventually it didn't. Meh. 

It was our first time watching a horror movie after knowing each others for so many years. Honestly speaking I'm really a scaredy cat when it comes to horror. It was a good horror movie, didn't regret watching it. So far I already have watched it twice, the second time with my mom at home watching it from Funshion. I have been watching horror movies this two days. Watched "The Possession" again this afternoon with my mom. Still remember how me and my friends were laughing at it instead of getting scared. 

Internship Week 01 // 02

Time passes by extremely these few weeks. I can't believe that I actually went through two weeks of Internship Programme. This is the first time I really enjoyed working. I worked both as a retail associates and also for a gelato shop, but this internship job is really something I don't mind doing. I got a chance to handle a small project, even though is just revamping of a retail store facade but it was really a good experience. The co-worker and directors are all so friendly that I don't feel so intimidated. Thank god for having this awesome opportunity to work for them as an intern. Perhaps, maybe this is really something I enjoy doing and don't mind doing for life, provided it has something to do with interior, facade or window displays for retail spaces. Most importantly, working as an intern in a design firm allow me to gain so much knowledge and skill that I won't learn in school.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


No idea what is keeping me from doing it, even though it may be a simple question "how are you?" is so difficult to come out from my mouth. I guess is this self built obstacle I created over this few months, the distance is getting further, there wasn't any effort put in, even though I said we should keep in contact or perhaps is the fact that I fear the conversation will ends as soon as you reply me, and I really don't want that to happen. As a friend, I genuinely want to know what happened recently. I may not be the best person to give you great advice or comfort you , but I really hope you will feel better.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Comfort Food Friday

Visited the hospital to get my medication for the next few months, went over to Raffles City to have lunch at BIBIGO! Had their brown noodle soup, is really a good comfort food to have especially when you feel like having something soupy. Walked around Marina Square and Suntec City afterwards before heading back to have dinner.

Gonna go for internship soon, not really sure if I am ready or not. But whatever it is, gonna do my best for it and learn as much as possible for the next three months.


Went to the Airport to send Yilong, Shermund and Christine, Yong Hong who is going overseas for their student internship programme. Really happy for them who are able to go overseas for their internship, it sure gonna be a fruitful trip and come back with lots of experiences. All the best, take care of each other and also enjoy yourself over there! We will see you in school, when you're back to Singapore three months later.

Temporary good bye, Design school

Went to school in the morning to see my friends perform for a playback theatre performance. It was a great experience for me as is my first time going for a playback theatre performance. The topics covered was rather relatable as it was both on being a design students and single child.

Had the last presentation for Project four in the afternoon, spent my time in the Loft while waiting for my turn to present. Talked to Vans and Maliah for awhile, looking at the main committee member silk screening their upcoming subcommittee camp shirt. #camprelish

Had dinner with the clique at Liang Court's Saizeriya, it's been a while since we had a great laugh joking and fooling around over the table.